5 Good Reasons To Get 8 Hours Of Sleep

Most people agree that eight hours of sleep is what we all should be getting, give or take. If you’re not getting eight hours of sleep, then you’re potentially doing yourself a huge disservice. With that said, here are five good reasons to get eight hours of sleep.

1. Improve Concentration
Lack of sleep is linked to poor concentration and focus, which is why you should aim for at least eight hours of sleep. If you sleep less than that, the chances are you have foggy brain from time to time and you find itj difficult staying awake throughout the day, even while you are on the go running errands or working. By getting eight hours of sleep per night, your focus will improve and you’ll find it easier to concentrate on any task you have to tackle.

2. Keep Depression At Bay
Did you know that poor sleep patterns and not getting enough sleep has been linked to depress? This is especially true in those who suffer with a sleep disorder, such as insomnia. If you don’t get enough sleep and this goes on night after night, eventually you could end up depressed and you might not even tie it to not getting enough sleep.

You can ward off depression by sleeping enough hours. Generally speaking, eight hours of sleep is the magic number to aim for. By doing this, you’ll eventually become in a better state of mind and you’ll feel better and more positive.

3. Fight Off Weight Gain
Poor sleep has been linked to weight gain, so if you get a poor amount of sleep more often than not, then eventually you could gain quite a bit of weight. In fact, it’s worth pointing out that poor sleep is one of the biggest risk factors for weight gain. If you want to fight off weight gain, then get eight hours of sleep nightly.

4. Inflammation
One of the leading causes of many illnesses, diseases and cancers is inflammation, which can be caused by a lot of things. One of those things is poor sleep. If you sleep poorly most nights, the chances are you’ll experience inflammation but you might not even realize it.

Sleeping eight hours per night can keep inflammation at bay. You might be surprised at how much better you feel after getting a proper amount of sleep. By keeping inflammation away, you’ll be doing your body a huge favor.

5. Healthy Immune System
Getting enough sleep (eight hours or more) can keep your immune system healthy or even improve it. Your immune system is what keeps you feeling well and not sick. By getting plenty of sleep, you’ll be doing your immune system a lot of good.

Do you want to keep depression at bay and do you want the ability to focus more? Don’t forger about fighting off weight gain and inflammation, as well as maintaining a healthy immune system. If you want to do all those things, then start getting eight hours of sleep every single night.